About Belle Maer Harbor

Belle Maer Harbor, formerly known as the Blue Lagoon Marina, is located at 41700 Conger Bay Drive, Harrison Township, Michigan, near the North River Road exit from I-94. The Marina fronts on the Anchor Bay section of Lake St. Clair with interior canals and consists of approximately 59 acres. The Marina has 836 existing boat wells and a 108 rack in & out storage operation. (On January 27, 1987, 406 of the existing boat wells containing approximately 21 acres were converted to condominium boat wells. These wells were sold and now comprise Belle Maer Harbor Condominium Association.)

When acquired in 1984, the marina was in a state of gross disrepair. Through the efforts of Messrs. Howard and Foster, this property was totally reconstructed into a first class marina and recreation complex of club-type standards. Belle Maer Harbor is generally regarded as the finest marina on the Great Lakes.

About Harrison Township

Harrison Township is a rapidly urbanizing township located on the shore of Lake St. Clair. The township is nearly flat, but gradually slopes down toward the lake from its western boundary. The tree-lined Clinton River winds its course east through the township to a marshy delta area on the lake.

The township is dominated by two strong influences - Selfridge Air National Guard Base in the northern one-third of the township, and the recreational uses of Lake St. Clair. Selfridge is the only known base to have permanently assigned flying units of all five services. A major regional park, Metropolitan Beach, exists in the township as well as several small water-oriented facilities in the development stage. Boating facilities and the homes of water recreation-oriented families predominate along the shoreline and small waterways.