Belle Maer Classified Ads

2014 Hover Round power chair. Model MP5
Only used from March to April 2014
Contact Kevin at BMH - (248) 672-8975


Ocean view condo for rent - Florida Keys, 3 Bdr, 2 Bath, Sleeps 8. View condo @ Call Ed @ 586-634-6677, for pricing and availability.

Are you interested in selling your Boatwell?
We Need Wells to Sell.

Please Contact: Nickie Courey
Ph: (313) 407-9776 • WE CAN HELP • CALL THE SPECIALIST

For information on advertising please contact Donna Kempt.

BMH Web Site Banner Ad Classified Ad Program

Classified Ad Program (for Individuals): 

- The ads will be placed as they come into our office and run for a specified time frame. Donna Kempt of the marina office will collect the ad fee.

- Our new charge will be $20 for two months and $35 for a four month term.  There is no refund if the item sells early. 

- Classified Ads in this section should all be personal ads of 35 words or less.

Banner Ad Program (for Businesses):

- Businesses can purchase Banner Ads which will be run on a calendar year basis.  We can accommodate a new banner ad at any time of the year.   Animated, custom designed Banner Ads rotate throughout the BMH web site and the e-newsletter, providing optimum exposure to the 6,500 hits the web site receives per month.

- Cost for the Annual Banner Ad is only $500 for the entire year.

Please call Donna Kempt at the Belle Maer marina office (586-465-4534) for more information or to run your ad.